The Rare Cancer Research Foundation exists to build the infrastructure researchers need to cure all cancers.

Rare cancers actually aren't rare at all — most cancer indications are considered rare, and more Americans die of rare cancers than common ones. Over 300,000 Americans (and millions worldwide) die of a rare cancer every year.

Before the founding of the Rare Cancer Research Foundation (RCRF), there wasn't a single organization in the United States focused on all rare cancers. Instead, each cancer indication generally had one or two foundations that served patients and advocated to get researchers to focus their work on that particular subtype.

Our mission is to help researchers cure all cancers, and we focus on the highest-leverage and highest-impact problems that researchers face. We build the infrastructure that makes cancer research easier, cheaper, and more effective. Rather than advocating for one cancer indication, we strive to make it easy for researchers to work on any disease they choose.

We are a donor supported organization, and donations go directly towards supporting projects that un-block research institutions from doing the important work that is needed to save hundreds of thousands of lives every year. 

05.png — Building the cancer models that researchers need.

For more than 50% of cancer indications, researchers don't have the simple biological models they need to test potential treatment ideas. These models would give researchers a quick and easy way to test treatment ideas, without them, it's harder and much more expensive to evaluate ideas. Our main focus as an organization is to create biological models for the hundreds of under-served cancers. helps cancer patients donate their surgically-removed tumor tissue to research labs. Those labs then use the tumor tissue to create models of that cancer that are made openly available to any researcher working on that disease. 

If you are a cancer patient with an upcoming surgery or biopsy, and you're interested in donating your tumor tissue to researchers, please visit us at

If you're interested in supporting us, we are a registered non-profit. Your donations directly support our work.