We are able to pursue our mission thanks to support from donors like you.

RCRF is a high-impact organization that builds the infrastructure researchers need to understand and cure rare cancers. We deliberately keep our team small and our work focused on the most pressing needs of rare cancer researchers.

Our team brings together top talent from the cancer research community and individuals with deep technology backgrounds. This unique team composition allows us to develop the vital infrastructure that is missing in cancer research and will yield better, faster results for patients.

We rely on donations to fund our operations. 88% of our expenses are program related, meaning they go to support cancer research projects, with just 12% allocated to overhead. We are fortunate to not have any fundraising related expenses due to a committed group of core donors.

As our program efforts grow in 2017, we are keeping our administrative costs constant and expect that our overhead will become an even smaller percentage of our budget. We hope you will choose to share your donations with us to allow us to continue our highly efficient, high-impact approach to accelerating cancer research.


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